Buju receives Master’s degree while in prison

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Buju continues to inspire inspite of his challenges.Β  During the course of his 10 year stint Buju studied and completed a Master’s degree in Music Business Management from New York University. It really is a testament to what can be accomplished with a little discipline and a positive outlook despite what life may throw at you. Buju’s early release date is tentatively set for December 2018.

In June 2017 Buju took to facebook in a heartfelt letter to fans via Facebook thanking everyone for their love and support during his 10 year ordeal.

To all of my fans who have stood beside me I thank you. Your actions, letters and heartfelt prayers have been appreciated. I thank you and I am humbled by your kindness – I am with you and you with me. Always.

After many years there were a multitude of my fans gathered on a page automatically generated from your search for me and my official page. With the approval of my official page you were migrated here…And at last we are reunited.

I will be with you again soon – they may have the past and present … but the future belongs to us.