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One Dance vs Reggae at Billboard Awards 2017

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With the Billboard awards behind us and few people speaking of the Tropical House storm of 2015 and 16, it seems reggae and dancehall have finally been appropriated by western music genres and the 2017 Billboard Awards proved it. Drake took home several awards in Vegas and a majority of them were for his implicitly dancehall tune One Dance which grabbed Top Hot 100 song, Best Selling song, Top Radio song, Top Streaming song, Top R&B song and Top Collab song.



It’s a wonder that there’s virtually nothing on the web to speak of in terms of an award for Billboard’s reggae album or song of the year. It seems One Dance‘s clear dancehall/reggae feel rode the tails of the Tropical House confusion of 2015 and 16 while billboard turned a blind eye. OD saw so much success because of its dancehall rooted melody combined with Poppy’s cameo on the track or was that the remix? Drake even took some soft heat for implementing patois into lyrics which seemed to work with the feel of the track.

Front way, back way….That’s why I need a one dance….

We all know how it goes. After scouring the web and one thing is apparent; nothing is mentioned of who if anyone was awarded this year in the reggae category.  OD might have been able to walk away with this award as well since it seems to have been such a sweeping success in other non Hip Hop categories, but it seems to be getting referred to as everything but dancehall/reggae. does dedicate an intersting article as to why more than half of the Reggae Album of the year Grammy nominees came from places other than Jamaica.

Read that here: Go to


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Bounty Vs. Ishawna

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The recent flare up between Bounty and Ishawna seems aimed more to increase ticket sales and get publicity for her new track than anything else. But we’ll bite.

On Wednesday Killa sent her a warning on Instagram where he posted a flyer for the event. The caption reads:

…@mslegendary cyaah sing tha song deh at this show else mi ago rush har Nuh kitten or Catfish can nuh bloodclaath bother come bcuz that cyaah sing else she cannot be on no more shows with mi either becuz mi nuhsing fi bowcat or bowfish

Ishawna immediately responded….Mi never know me and Killa a guh war dung a Portland next week? Bring it on Rodney! #equalrights.

Ishawna has been getting a lot of attention at home and abroad since she dropped Equal Rights almost a month back.


The controversial track stirred up male factions of societies who have historically publicly denounced eating pussy, while partaking in in the act in private. While this seems the general consensus in the greater Caribbean, JA seems the most lets say outspoken about it. Thank you dancehall. One can argue that the negative connotation of the act goes back to the bible, though I have yet to find where.

The organizer of Bikini Fish Fest told The Star that she does not believe anything negative will go down at the show though she has begun to put extra security in place. She also revealed that since the controversy unfolded between the two main acts, she has seen an increase in ticket sales and is now expecting a larger turnout than was originally expected. Well there we have it. Whether it’s a joke, JA PR or some real shit we will all be tuning in to see what transpires. A lyrical battle I presume. I’m sure Kiprich will make a surprise appearance with his rebuttal; No Eating Rights. Bullet!

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Frankie Paul Transitions at 52

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Frankie Paul was dubbed the Jamiacan Stevie Wonder early in his career. He was born blind yet gained a small visual capacity following an eye operation. Like Stevie, Frankie also played the keyboard and various other instruments.  Born in 1965, Frankie came from the generation of Jamaican children born after Independence. Frankie ‘Dancehall’ Paul was part of the computerized age of Jamaican popular music evident in many of his popular songs, including Casanova, Head to Toe, Sarah and Shame Dem.

Some of his most successful recordings included ‘Worries in The Dance’, ‘Big and Ready’ with rapper Heavy D and Supercat, ‘Kushumpeng’ and ‘Alicia’. Frankie Paul recorded his first single, “African Princess,” in 1980, when he was just 15 years old.

As news of Frankie Paul’s death emerged, David Rodigan‏, tweeted “His incomparable voice and songs are his legacy.” Shaggy posted a clip of Paul during his last appearance Irie FM  saying; “We have lost one of our biggest voices in Dance Hall/Reggae today! #FrankiePaul R.I.P Frankie Condolences to the family.”Dancehall DJ Tony Matterhorn posted a video on his Instagram page with the caption”… greatest #soundkillerartist and one of the legend(s) who ran the dancehall for decades”


A look back at Billboard’s top 3 Reggae Albums 2016

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3. Alkaline, New Level Unlocked

2. Jah9, 9


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The most loved and hated in JA

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He’s likely more loved AND hated in JA than his number one muse and that’s why I say he’s the best.

Clovis Jamaica’s Number 1 Cartoonist

Clovis Critics

Critics often respond to his daily toons with letters to the editor of the Observer. You can’t please everyone.

Check out some recent comments from his most passionate opponents and supporters below

The cartoon is utterly scurrilous and defamatory. We view the cartoon as dangerously irresponsible, and call on the
Observer to publicly apologise to the party for the damage it has done to its reputation…. 

Another reader sounded off on the cartoonist after singing him praises just a few sentences earlier.

….Here is a great talent wasted on a rabid partisanship that many times crosses the line of vulgarity and sometimes borders on obscenity. It is a waste of talent.



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Greensleeves Celebrates 40 Years

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Commemorative Concert in NYC 6-21-17

Greensleeves celebrates 40 years this 2017 and they are bringing in the big year with commemorative product releases and events in London, Paris and New York this summer. On June 21st, the label will hold a 40th anniversary celebration concert at BB King Times Square featuring Alborosie, Queen Ifrica and Addis Pablo paying homage to the tremendous impact Greensleeves has had on reggae music. Also on June 21st, Paris Music Day, the label plans to commemorate with an outdoor sound system performance by Blackboard Jungle Sound on the grounds of the Cite De La Musique: Philharmonie De Paris in Paris, France (the current site for the reggae culture exhibit Jamaica Jamaica) Events will continue in London through August and September including the Greensleeves 40th celebration concert at the One Love Reggae & Dub Festival.



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