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Sir Lloyd Coxson Vs Rodigan

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BEHIND THE combination of superlative equipment, a rare library of music, the creative ability to “present” reggae music and the teamwork which has ensured that Coxsone has for over a decade been the sound against which all others are judged is its founder, Lloyd Coxsone.

Sir Lloyd Coxson Vs Rodigan

In April following the release of Rodigan’s book My Life in Reggae Sir Lloyd Coxson goes in on an interview with Rawpa Crawpa on the sensitive and ongoing reality of foreign reggae capitalism. He insists David Rodigan never buss nobody in reggae. Reggae buss him. 

Rodigan’s Response

Traditional Reggae music has always stood up against injustice, against the downtrodden, against tyranny. There’s nothing worse than injustice, nothing worse than being falsely accused of doing or saying something that you never said or did. I will not enter into a long diatribe about Lloyd Coxsone’s video rant against me. Suffice to say that it was vicious, vindictive and worst of all… it was laced with untruths and falsehoods. I’m not going through them all but I will point to just one of them. The Godfather lie.

The real bone of contention seems to revolve around me apparently saying that l am The Godfather of Reggae. I challenge Lloyd Coxsone to prove that I ever said that. Prove it by showing the video footage, prove it by showing the press interview when I said that… prove it. I am powerless over what a radio or television presenter or journalist says about me, whether it’s a term of praise or an expression of disapproval. But I am NOT powerless over my own mouth and what comes out of it. I have never said that I am The Godfather of Reggae neither have I said that I’m the King of Reggae neither have I ever claimed to have ‘bust a reggae artist’ because I would never be so arrogant and presumptuous.

Now let’s us return to the music and the message. And the message is LOVE

I have no further comment on this matter.

David Rodigan



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