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Busy for Groovin in the Park NYC

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It is such a blessing. All praises to the Most High for all that he’s bestowed on me. I am excited to finally be getting the opportunity to perform for my US fans. They have always requested the Turf President and I want to assure them that their wait has not been in vain…

With global chart toppers like; One More Night, Come Ova, and Bumaye alongside matching international sponsorship contracts it seems Busy Signal’s short stint in US prison just a couple years ago has been long forgotten.

He recently obtained his US visitor’s visa and this month his US work permit came through. This is great news considering most US green card holders who are convicted are often barred from working in the states post deportation. Busy’s situation is unique. He is one of JA’s most positive hard-core/cross-over dancehall role models and is currently signed to four major international brands at least two of which call the US corporate home base, KFC and Pepsi.



Just days before the second anniversary of the security forces-led Tivoli Gardens incursion, Busy was met on arrival at Norman Manley Airport for extradition by members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team, United States marshals and representatives of the British High Commission.

The dancehall community was shocked and devastated as this news broke just under a year after dancehall’s beloved Buju was sentenced to 10 years in a Florida state prison after an evidence shaky public trial.

According to reports; allegations were that Busy was implicated in a narcotics offense and failed to appear in court in Minnesota way back in 2002. Due to the 2002 offense and subsequent 2012 conviction despite having an expansive US fan base

Busy never technically performed on US soil.

He did however, travel and perform in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and the far reaches of Africa, including Gambia and Ethiopia throughout his 2005 rise to stardom and success of 2011 and beyond.  
His US fans will finally have an opportunity to see him live on American soil at Groovin’ In The Park where R&B legend R. Kelly will be making an appearance. Check out the latest from Busy, No Reasoning. 

Bounty Vs. Ishawna

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The recent flare up between Bounty and Ishawna seems aimed more to increase ticket sales and get publicity for her new track than anything else. But we’ll bite.

On Wednesday Killa sent her a warning on Instagram where he posted a flyer for the event. The caption reads:

…@mslegendary cyaah sing tha song deh at this show else mi ago rush har Nuh kitten or Catfish can nuh bloodclaath bother come bcuz that cyaah sing else she cannot be on no more shows with mi either becuz mi nuhsing fi bowcat or bowfish

Ishawna immediately responded….Mi never know me and Killa a guh war dung a Portland next week? Bring it on Rodney! #equalrights.

Ishawna has been getting a lot of attention at home and abroad since she dropped Equal Rights almost a month back.


The controversial track stirred up male factions of societies who have historically publicly denounced eating pussy, while partaking in in the act in private. While this seems the general consensus in the greater Caribbean, JA seems the most lets say outspoken about it. Thank you dancehall. One can argue that the negative connotation of the act goes back to the bible, though I have yet to find where.

The organizer of Bikini Fish Fest told The Star that she does not believe anything negative will go down at the show though she has begun to put extra security in place. She also revealed that since the controversy unfolded between the two main acts, she has seen an increase in ticket sales and is now expecting a larger turnout than was originally expected. Well there we have it. Whether it’s a joke, JA PR or some real shit we will all be tuning in to see what transpires. A lyrical battle I presume. I’m sure Kiprich will make a surprise appearance with his rebuttal; No Eating Rights. Bullet!

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