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Popcaan surprise appearance with Torey Lanez live at Sumfest 2017

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One Dance vs Reggae at Billboard Awards 2017

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With the Billboard awards behind us and few people speaking of the Tropical House storm of 2015 and 16, it seems reggae and dancehall have finally been appropriated by western music genres and the 2017 Billboard Awards proved it. Drake took home several awards in Vegas and a majority of them were for his implicitly dancehall tune One Dance which grabbed Top Hot 100 song, Best Selling song, Top Radio song, Top Streaming song, Top R&B song and Top Collab song.



It’s a wonder that there’s virtually nothing on the web to speak of in terms of an award for Billboard’s reggae album or song of the year. It seems One Dance‘s clear dancehall/reggae feel rode the tails of the Tropical House confusion of 2015 and 16 while billboard turned a blind eye. OD saw so much success because of its dancehall rooted melody combined with Poppy’s cameo on the track or was that the remix? Drake even took some soft heat for implementing patois into lyrics which seemed to work with the feel of the track.

Front way, back way….That’s why I need a one dance….

We all know how it goes. After scouring the web and one thing is apparent; nothing is mentioned of who if anyone was awarded this year in the reggae category.  OD might have been able to walk away with this award as well since it seems to have been such a sweeping success in other non Hip Hop categories, but it seems to be getting referred to as everything but dancehall/reggae. does dedicate an intersting article as to why more than half of the Reggae Album of the year Grammy nominees came from places other than Jamaica.

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