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Rebel Salute 2018 3.3-hours-Official Video

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Masicka surprise appearance alongside Bounty at Sumfest 2017

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Masicka seems to have resolved any issues with show organizers although his management hinted early this week that the deejay may not perform as scheduled on Friday night. The young vet touched the stage alongside the dancehall general, Bounty Killer, and gave fans a stellar performance.

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Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – R.O.A.R.

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Big up the lion dem weh roar fi a cause
Defend your community at all cost
Never yet run, stand your ground to the last
Real outlaw, people love we, becauseNo old woman purse can’t get grab of
No juvenile ‘pon the road after dark
No visitors can get rob inna the park
Else bwoy will finish before dem start
No shotta can gi’ no juvenile gun
No stinginess when the site money run
No lickkle shop can get bruk inna the slum
All who perpetrator haffi pack up and run
No man do more dem share of kegs
One voice a talk just like Simeon says
No man no thief when the Ackee Tree bear
It mek war bruk out and it happen each yearNo man no frowns when a man a mek food
Kings at the road, yes a dem a get rude
No shot no buss when a man a keep treat
No man no disturb the children peace
No car no bruk when you hear dancehall keep
The last man weh try, burn up like rizzla sheet
Dem hear say me soon come, tell dem me reach
No man no talk when the general speak, ’causeMe and unno…

Dem go rob the chiney man and that a disrespect
And a gwaan like dem a don an’ still a money nah mek
And a gwaan like dem a captain a the damn ship wreck
Soon the nuff a dem a suffer damn twist neck
Tek it, mek an example, so the thing set
All violators know what come next
Misbehaving, trouble meking, yo, we won’t accept
Certain bwoy fi disappear ‘pon a magic carpet
All, nuisance get weh dem fi get
People live peaceful, no need to fret, ’cause

A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep
Kids in bed and counting sheep
And when they wake up inna the morning, they’ll living sweet
Enterprise operation, ruff up well neat
Back to business, everything on beat

No man to more than dem share of greens
No man no frowns when no fish nah steam
No man no frowns when the pot waan clean
No man no drink out the don spurline
No man go road weh the big man said
No man no greedy a nah bruk bread
No man no go ’round the royal laws
All disloyal, get nail ‘pon cross

Me and unno…

A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep
A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep

A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep
A we a guard dem out a street
Late at night when dem a sleep

Chronixx drops by Sway’s Universe

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Chronixx stopped by Sway’s Universe to promote his album Chronology which dropped 7/7/17. He talked Life’s Purpose, African diasporic genealogical detachment, Rastafari Livity and more. He emphasized that despite the hurdles one faces in life, there is always a greater purpose to be fulfilled. He went on to note that his dedication is not just to Africa but to Humanity. Watch him murder Sway’s 5 Fingers freestyle with ease.

DANCEHALL the origins of Hip Hop

The usage of sound systems and rapping over beats (toasting) was prominent in Caribbean dancehall, reggae, calypso, and dub music before the 1970’s creation of Hip Hop in America. Example of 60’s Jamaican dub artist, King Tubby. source

DJ Kool Herc, often considered one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop, discusses how his Caribbean Heritage influenced him and his work in Hip Hop.

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