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Trump, Climate, Paris made simple.

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The idea of the Paris climate accord was that every country, rich and poor, would set goals to curb carbon emissions in an effort to avert the worst effects of climate change.

Trump says he will cut payments to United Nation climate programs.

β€’ This graphic by Jasmine C. Lee and Adam Pearce is extremely helpful in visualizing these seemingly complex concepts even further.

Carbon Emissions in 2030

The red line shows what will happen to carbon emissions without the Paris agreement: up, up, up. The United States’ contribution to the emissions goal was substantial. But other countries have pledged to continue their programs with or without American participation.


Typical view of LA smog

source:public domain photos

What can you do:

Go Veggie. Or at least Pesce (pescatarian).

According to the New York Times most carbon emissions involving food come from production and not transportation as one might initially assume. Red meat and dairy facilities have more intensive processes than chicken and fish. Decreasing your amount of meat intake will in effect reduce your carbon footprint without having an effect on your lifestyle.

Surprisingly flying instead of long roadtrips is an easy and more comfortable option in the case of carbon emissions.

Take public transport. With the rise of uber and lyft theres often no reason to add your car to the rush hour traffic mix. Again an easy way to do your part without doing too much.

Eat everything before making another trip to the market. If you haven’t finished what you have from your last trip, try and be creative. More trips to the market equal more mass, trash and higher chance of wastage.

Replace your gas guzzler for a more efficient option. Your pockets will thank you.

Buy Less Waste Less. Buy what you will appreciate longer than a night. We ladies generally shop for a night or weekend and then push fits to the back of the closet. Buy high quality products and merchandise that will stand the test of time and trends.



Greensleeves Celebrates 40 Years

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Commemorative Concert in NYC 6-21-17

Greensleeves celebrates 40 years this 2017 and they are bringing in the big year with commemorative product releases and events in London, Paris and New York this summer. On June 21st, the label will hold a 40th anniversary celebration concert at BB King Times Square featuring Alborosie, Queen Ifrica and Addis Pablo paying homage to the tremendous impact Greensleeves has had on reggae music. Also on June 21st, Paris Music Day, the label plans to commemorate with an outdoor sound system performance by Blackboard Jungle Sound on the grounds of the Cite De La Musique: Philharmonie De Paris in Paris, France (the current site for the reggae culture exhibit Jamaica Jamaica) Events will continue in London through August and September including the Greensleeves 40th celebration concert at the One Love Reggae & Dub Festival.



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