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Chronixx puts a twist on Guiltiness and Natty Dread

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BBC celebrates Bob Marley’s Exodus 40 year anniversary with a celebratory remake of the entire album. There’s something about Bob Marley and his unifying music that has intertwined itself into the memories of our experiences. Chronixx’s passionate exhibition seems to channel young Bob delivering Guiltiness in a fashion that keeps its core Marley elements while giving us contemporary Chronixx at the same time.

He effortlessly infuses ET and JA history into his stinging refix;

bowing at his feet 72 nations Ras Makonnen was crowned Conquering Lion…baba Jan Hoy father of African…Empress Menenite at his right hand…meanwhile inna Jamaica land….whole heap a trial and tribulation…when Bustamante seh kill all rasta man…wa kinda Selassie weh you a call pan…trim dem and bring da whole a dem a station.

This little flow is imbued with so much contrast and pride and pain as he sings. It is the history of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie’s coronation when he transforms from Ras Tafari Makonnen to Haile Selassie King of Kings, Conquoring Lion of the tribe of Judah in 1930 when 72 nations from around the world did in fact make their way to bow at the feet of this mysterious black king from this mysterious sovereign nation, ancient Abyssinia. He goes on to say “baba Jahn Hoy father of African” this is important because now Chronixx has fast forwarded us into time from 1930 to 1963 when HIM inaugurated the Organization of African Unity in Addis Ababa, the current African Union where all the African leaders continue to meet and strategize the future of the continent. (note: ababa = father and Jahn Hoy = HIM Haile Selassie in Ethiopia’s official language of Amharic.)

Source: Public Domain
Queen Elizabeth at the Ethiopian Royal Palace

He goes on to say “meanwhile inna Jamaica land” so we are still in 1963, yet Chronixx shifts us 7,791 miles to the little island of JA where Jamaica’s first Prime Minister Bustamante declared “Bring in all Rastas, dead or alive”. The Coral Garden’s incident was one of the most brutal government organized attacks against early Rastafarians in JA and resulted in the death of reported 8 men and the unjust arrest, beating and scalping of Rastafarians from the community.

image source: wgnetworks

This historic account from Chronixx comes just a couple months after the Jamaican government officially apologized to the Rastafarian community and the community of Coral Garden’s for the atrocious attacks of 63′ which ironically took place just one year after JA independence from England in 1962.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness  spoke to Parliament on April 4, 2017 announcing that the Government would be ensuring a similar occurrence does not happen again.

“I am happy to have finally reached the point where we can discuss concrete and tangible actions, which ease some of the heavy burdens that survivors and the community had faced. Today, without equivocation, we apologise for what occurred in Coral Gardens. We express regret and sorrow for this chapter in our national life that was characterised by brutality, injustice and repression. (It) was wrong and should never be repeated,” the prime minister stressed.

“We have taken a symbolic yet courageous and pivotal move, which means that we can face the future with renewed hope. While we know this (apology) cannot erase the brutality, oppression and injustice, I am comforted by the willingness of the Rastafari Coral Gardens Benevolent Society to keep the dialogue going,” he said.

– The public defender will be asked to continue the work her office started in finding survivors and gathering important information on them and their families. She will be collaborating with the Rastafari Coral Gardens Benevolent Society and the member of parliament for the area to make that possible.

– A trust fund of no less than J$10 million is to be made available to them and their families.

– Six lots at Pinnacle will become designated protected heritage sites, which will also include a Rastafari Village. source

So who are the guilty ones now?

Watch Chronixx cover Natty Dread

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