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Chronixx drops by Sway’s Universe

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Chronixx stopped by Sway’s Universe to promote his album Chronology which dropped 7/7/17. He talked Life’s Purpose, African diasporic genealogical detachment, Rastafari Livity and more. He emphasized that despite the hurdles one faces in life, there is always a greater purpose to be fulfilled. He went on to note that his dedication is not just to Africa but to Humanity. Watch him murder Sway’s 5 Fingers freestyle with ease.

DANCEHALL the origins of Hip Hop

The usage of sound systems and rapping over beats (toasting) was prominent in Caribbean dancehall, reggae, calypso, and dub music before the 1970’s creation of Hip Hop in America. Example of 60’s Jamaican dub artist, King Tubby. source

DJ Kool Herc, often considered one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop, discusses how his Caribbean Heritage influenced him and his work in Hip Hop.

BUY Chronology HERE

Sir Lloyd Coxson Vs Rodigan

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BEHIND THE combination of superlative equipment, a rare library of music, the creative ability to “present” reggae music and the teamwork which has ensured that Coxsone has for over a decade been the sound against which all others are judged is its founder, Lloyd Coxsone.

Sir Lloyd Coxson Vs Rodigan

In April following the release of Rodigan’s book My Life in Reggae Sir Lloyd Coxson goes in on an interview with Rawpa Crawpa on the sensitive and ongoing reality of foreign reggae capitalism. He insists David Rodigan never buss nobody in reggae. Reggae buss him. 

Rodigan’s Response

Traditional Reggae music has always stood up against injustice, against the downtrodden, against tyranny. There’s nothing worse than injustice, nothing worse than being falsely accused of doing or saying something that you never said or did. I will not enter into a long diatribe about Lloyd Coxsone’s video rant against me. Suffice to say that it was vicious, vindictive and worst of all… it was laced with untruths and falsehoods. I’m not going through them all but I will point to just one of them. The Godfather lie.

The real bone of contention seems to revolve around me apparently saying that l am The Godfather of Reggae. I challenge Lloyd Coxsone to prove that I ever said that. Prove it by showing the video footage, prove it by showing the press interview when I said that… prove it. I am powerless over what a radio or television presenter or journalist says about me, whether it’s a term of praise or an expression of disapproval. But I am NOT powerless over my own mouth and what comes out of it. I have never said that I am The Godfather of Reggae neither have I said that I’m the King of Reggae neither have I ever claimed to have ‘bust a reggae artist’ because I would never be so arrogant and presumptuous.

Now let’s us return to the music and the message. And the message is LOVE

I have no further comment on this matter.

David Rodigan



Oxford University To drop 10 Milli into Ganja Studies

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Oxford University is jumping on the Ganja train too. This month the historic UK university announced its intent to engage in new studies into the medical use of cannabis for treating conditions like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and arthritis as well as for dealing with nerve pain.

It follows calls from some MPs for a law to allow medical use of cannabis, with polls suggesting  58 per cent of people would back such a move.

Why Does Cannabis Work for Epilepsy and Seizures?

Cannabis’ chemical constituent of CBD (cannabidiol) not THC is the star of this game. FDA approved clinical trials are becoming more and more common as more states and countries open-up to the economic and medicinal value of the plant. Epidiolex, a nearly pure CBD preparation (98%+) is a prime example. Its release is an astounding leap forward for cannabis and medicine.

A pure CBD formula was the safest way to begin trials on epilepsy patients because of its lack of psychoactivity. The trouble with developing a single pure CBD formula is that epilepsy has never been a one-size fits all disorder. Of the 200,000 children living with treatment-resistant epilepsy, only a fraction has access to clinical trials investigating CBD. This leaves most parents and patients to acquire their own CBD-rich cannabis, which always contains some percentage of THC. … Early results from clinical studies on GW’s Epidiolex clearly show a beneficial effect of CBD on some types of seizures, but more research is needed to fully understand whether a combination THC/CBD product can reduce the seizure burden in those patients who don’t respond to CBD alone. source

The remarkable attribute of weed stems from the fact that the human body actually produces its own “endogenous” cannabinoids (chemicals otherwise unique to the cannabis plant).  These cannabinoids—whether formed in your brain or inhaled via a nice fat joint, pipe, vaporizer etc—fit neatly into a series of receptors located throughout the human body. Their greatest concentration occurs in the hippocampus (which regulates memory), the cerebral cortex (cognition), the cerebellum (motor coordination), the basal ganglia (movement), the hypothalamus (appetite), and the amygdala (emotions). Cannabinoid receptors are similarly found in every species of animals on earth. Vice goes in on this here

It’s obvious that the more scientific study that goes into the cannabis industry the more the consumer and pharmaceutical companies will benefit hence the 11 million pound Oxford study. Now you have a broader over-standing into the recent High Times/ Damian Marley linkup. Raspect.

Busy for Groovin in the Park NYC

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It is such a blessing. All praises to the Most High for all that he’s bestowed on me. I am excited to finally be getting the opportunity to perform for my US fans. They have always requested the Turf President and I want to assure them that their wait has not been in vain…

With global chart toppers like; One More Night, Come Ova, and Bumaye alongside matching international sponsorship contracts it seems Busy Signal’s short stint in US prison just a couple years ago has been long forgotten.

He recently obtained his US visitor’s visa and this month his US work permit came through. This is great news considering most US green card holders who are convicted are often barred from working in the states post deportation. Busy’s situation is unique. He is one of JA’s most positive hard-core/cross-over dancehall role models and is currently signed to four major international brands at least two of which call the US corporate home base, KFC and Pepsi.



Just days before the second anniversary of the security forces-led Tivoli Gardens incursion, Busy was met on arrival at Norman Manley Airport for extradition by members of the Fugitive Apprehension Team, United States marshals and representatives of the British High Commission.

The dancehall community was shocked and devastated as this news broke just under a year after dancehall’s beloved Buju was sentenced to 10 years in a Florida state prison after an evidence shaky public trial.

According to reports; allegations were that Busy was implicated in a narcotics offense and failed to appear in court in Minnesota way back in 2002. Due to the 2002 offense and subsequent 2012 conviction despite having an expansive US fan base

Busy never technically performed on US soil.

He did however, travel and perform in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and the far reaches of Africa, including Gambia and Ethiopia throughout his 2005 rise to stardom and success of 2011 and beyond.  
His US fans will finally have an opportunity to see him live on American soil at Groovin’ In The Park where R&B legend R. Kelly will be making an appearance. Check out the latest from Busy, No Reasoning. 
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