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Tanya Stephens vs. Portia

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Some people can do no wrong and artists, athletes and some politicians have more in common than meets the eye. Tanya Stephens sounded off in a Twitter post this week on the resignation of Jamaica’s first female prime minister, Portia Simpson.

According to reports the now deleted comment compared Portia’s time in office to a rapist. The assumption that Simpson sold out JA during her term has been a sentiment shared by the older JA audience for some time now. Clovis has been speaking volumes in his daily funnies where Portia’s political endeavors often take center stage.

Tanya Stephens calls it like she sees it and that’s why we love her. She demands professionalism and respect in the industry and gets it because she has consistency to back her. She wrote about those things women thought about but don’t say. From Goggle to Too Hype to Gangsta Blues and the original Rebellution (before REBELLUTION) Stephens been inspiring and empowering women throughout the course of her career.

Some said that Stephens should support Simpson simply because she is a woman. While others commented that discrediting Portia’s time in office is somehow hindering the feminist movement. The way I see it Stephen’s is empowering women everyday through her lyrics old and new. Now some will say that I am bias by dancehall association. They are probably right.

source: jamaica observer
Source: The Daily Mail

Athletes are often given a universal pass in the eyes of their global fans. Prime example Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un all buddy buddy right now. Dennis Rodman’s persona and career achievements trumps his alliances in the eyes of a country that is allegedly a known “enemy”.  The Washington Post has a pretty good breakdown of just how deep political alliances can run.

In a mammoth survey of 40,000 Americans in all 50 states, Public Religion Research Institute found that “only half (50%) of white Americans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination, while roughly as many (47%) say this is not the case. Majorities of black Americans (85%), Hispanics (66%), mixed-race Americans (64%), and Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Americans (55%) say blacks face significant levels of discrimination today.”

This is an interesting survey who’s implications infer a clear bias in a country just 50 years from the civil rights movements that spawned the likes of Malcom X and Martin Luther King and that in recent years has had more police shootings targeting young black males than ever before. But according to the numbers 47% of white Americans believe African Americans don’t face much discrimination. Like Trump supporters and Republicans, political biases are often founded on turning a blind eye to the Raw facts. Don’t shoot the messenger for calling it. It’s still a free country. I think. *ducks low*

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