Usain wins his last Race in a night of nothing but Bolt

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Organizers of the Racers Grand Prix organized “A Salute to the Legend,” in honor of Usain Bolt on June 10, 2017.

The guardian described the occasion akin to church, a five hour outpouring of exaltation from a crowd of 35,000 to the greatest athlete in Jamaica’s independent history. It was here at the National Stadium in 2002 that he first won the world junior 200m title competing with athletes 3 years older than he was at the time.

Saturday Night June 10th.

When the starting shot rang the air, Bolt made his regular slow start yet by 50 metres he was way ahead as usual. His time of 10.03 seconds was clearly not his best. Though it can easily be attributed to his 2 weeks of missed training and the recent death of his close friend Germaine Mason.

“I think that was possibly one of my worst races….My execution was poor, my start was poor as always. I think in the last bit I lost it a little. But I didn’t expect anything spectacular because I have had a lot of time off. The two weeks I missed was rough. But the people of Jamaica really came out for me, thank you for showing me your support.” Bolt told reporters.

As Bolt crossed the finish line fireworks lit up Kingston’s sky. After jumping in the stands to party with his family, friends and fans he made his way back down to the track where Beenie Man already got the vibes started.

a great man, a great athlete and a great Jamaican. Jamaica’s prime minister, Andrew Holness noted.